Welcome to the Alpha Program for ProcessMaker I/O.

What is the ProcessMaker I/O Alpha Program?

ProcessMaker I/O is a BPMN 2.0 process engine API delivered as a cloud microservice for developers. We at ProcessMaker believe that listening to developers is a great way to create a great product. Our Alpha Program lets the development community get hands-on with our new product by participating in discussions, influencing future product development planning, and providing feedback.

The Alpha Program allows developers to try a cloud version of our software to evaluate all our features. Have fun creating something awesome!

How Can I Participate in the Alpha Program?

The Alpha Program is open to the entire development community. However, interested developers must register at ProcessMaker I/O's site, and then run an Environment.

What is the Duration of the Alpha Program?

The Alpha Program started on 8 Jun 2017 and continues, unless otherwise noted, until 31 Dec 2018.

Are There Tier Restrictions on API Requests or Data Storage?

No, we are not planning to put any restrictions on the number of requests or storage size for the Alpha Program, but if you know your numbers, please provide them at enrollment time. After the Alpha program finishes, registered accounts receive 2,000 free token transitions monthly.

What Other Resources Can Developers Access as a Part of the Alpha Program?

Participants have access to the following features:

What Channels are Provided to Receive Feedback from the Alpha Program Participants?

Alpha Program participants are not required to provide written feedback. However, please send your feedback to support@processmaker.io. We really appreciate it!

What Responsibilities Do Alpha Program Participants Have?

Alpha Program participants have almost no responsibilities to the program except:

What Responsibilities Does ProcessMaker Have Regarding the Alpha Program?

The Alpha Program is released to the community without any responsibilities on the part of ProcessMaker except:

What Happens After the Alpha Program Concludes?

Participants will be invited to participate in the next program within the ProcessMaker product family. Participants will receive early bird information about anything related to the ProcessMaker development lifecycle, depending on the level of contact selected during enrollment for the ProcessMaker I/O Alpha Program.