Pricing for Processmaker I/O is based on tiers of token transition used monthly.

Token Transitions

A token transition occurs each time your application workflow routes from one process element to the next. The ProcessMaker I/O workflow engine uses a token transition from the start of your process to the first task, and completing with a token transition from the final task in your process to an end event in your process workflow. You pay for each token transition.

ProcessMaker I/O has free, standard, and enterprise plans.

Free Developer Plan

The Processmaker I/O Developer plan includes 2,000 FREE token transitions monthly. Any token transitions that are not used in each month expire, and do not carry over to the next month.

Standard Plan

The table below outlines the tier structure per 10,000 token transitions used monthly. All usage rounds upward to the next 10,000 tier. Usage cost decreases with the greater number of token transitions used monthly.

Refer to the pricing examples below for use-case examples.

Beginning Tokens
Ending Tokens
Price per Each 10,000 Used Monthly

Enterprise Plan

ProcessMaker determines pricing for the enterprise plan based on specific customer requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Pricing Examples

Pricing Example #1: Simple process with one task

This process example uses two token transitions: one token transition from the Start event to the Send Email task, and a second token transition from the Send Email task to the End event.

Let’s assume that a case of this process runs every hour. In this scenario, the total number of token transitions (TTN) used per month is as follows:

Total token transition usage: 2 token transitions * (24 hours * 30 days) execution = 1,440 token transitions

Monthly charges: No cost

Pricing Example #2: Subscription process for the users

This process example has 2 main paths. Under each main path, there are two additional sub-paths. For example, on the “Subscribe” path from “Start” to “End” 8 token transitions are used when the subscription is successful and 7 token transitions are used in the scenario where the subscription is unsuccessful. The “Unsubscribe” path is similar.

If you executed this process 1,000 times during one month and all process instances flowed down the successful subscribe path, then the total number of token transitions (TTN) utilized per month is as follows:

Total token transaction usage: 8 token transitions x 1,000 executions = 8,000 token transitions

Monthly charges: $200 per month